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Project 18 Plans to Improve the Albany Avenue Corridor

For those who frequently travel in and through Atlantic City, you may be aware of the face that the Albany Avenue Corridor is one of the worst congested areas during rush hours. The Inland Thoroughfare bridge is too narrow to allow a proper amount of traffic capacity, and it also is prone to flooding.

The city is now planning to increase the maximum capacity of the Corridor by expanding the crossing of the Inland Thoroughfare, and widening the road from four lanes to six. The whole project will be carried out by building a new crossing of the Thoroughfare between North Hartford and North Chelsea avenues, a new bridge, either fixed-span or a draw bridge, a tunnel, or by several of these methods. There will also be a pair of one-way routes added. Traffic entering from Albany Avenue Bridge will leave via one of these new crossings. Using such one-way routes would greatly increase the flow of traffic and help to reduce the currently congested traffic. There are further plans to increase grade separation of West End at Albany, in order to help traffic keep moving to Ventnor, Chelsea Heights, and Absecon Island, and one lane will be added from West End to Exit 2 of the AC Expressway in each direction. The exit itself will also be expanded upon to make better use of these new improvements.

Overall, if this project goes through, it will provide much better access to all of west Atlantic City and the surrounding areas of Ventnor, Longport, and Margate. The flooding issues will be no more, and local traffic will see a significant increase in efficiency.

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