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Atlantic City Daily Poker Tournament Schedule

Besides all of the world-class entertainment including concerts, comedy, live shows such as Cirque Dreams, and all of the exciting bars & night clubs Atlantic City has to offer, the biggest attraction is of course the gaming. We know that a lot of you are poker players, so in order to help you out we have posted the daily poker schedule for Atlantic City’s casinos below so you don’t get lost in the shuffle on your next visit!

Harrah’s Resort
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
10:15am 58+12 58+12 58+12 58+12 58+12 58+12 58+12
1:15pm 68+12 68+12 68+12 68+12 68+12 175+25 68+12
8:15pm 68+12 68+12 68+12 68+12 105+20 56+14 68+12
12:00am 58+12 58+12 58+12 58+12 58+12 58+12 58+12
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
1pm 150+25 100+20
3pm 100+20 100+20 100+20 100+20 100+20
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
11am 53+12 53+12 53+12 53+12 53+12 85+15 53+12
2pm 53+12 53+12 53+12 53+12 53+12 85+15 53+12
7pm 53+12 53+12 53+12 53+12 85+15 85+15 53+12
10pm 53+12 53+12 53+12 53+12 53+12 85+15 53+12
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
12 noon
1pm 40+10 40+10 40+10 40+10 40+10 40+10
2pm 60+15
5pm 40+10
6pm 40+10
7pm 40+10 40+10 40+10 40+10
8pm 100+20
9pm 100+20

Borgata Water Club Closes!

As the slow, cold, winter months approach businesses everywhere are adjusting their plans. The Borgata Water Club is no exception. The 800-room luxury spa resort & casino will for the second time this year take rooms out of service during the mid-week due to declining business during the season. The Water Club, which cost $400 million and opened just last summer (2008), contains numerous spas, pools, and shops, and rooms cost around $600 on the weekends.

Guests looking to book the classy Water Club may not be out of luck due to the cut back in available rooms. Meanwhile, the Borgata’s main tower of 2,000 rooms will remain open and able to accommodate turned-away Water Club guests. Borgata spokesperson Noel Stevenson stated a week ago, “During the summer months, demand was great…Now that we’re in the shoulder season, with the schedule adjusted based on demand, on most Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, the Water Club will primarily cater to butler and guest suites, group business and special events.” She also said that the Water Club’s cut back was no different from any business adjusting to the slower season. On this she says, “You don’t want to be sitting there with that many rooms and no one to fill them.”

The Water Club is not in trouble, however. Boyd Gaming Corp., the parent company of Borgata, reported strong third-quarter earnings despite the rest of Atlantic City’s slow decline on the same day that the announcement of the cut-back came out.

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